Key Policy Areas

We have recently narrowed our advocacy to three key areas to concentrate our efforts, leverage our expertise, and maximize our policy impact.

Food is Medicine

Advocacy targets include:

  • Promoting Medicare and Medicaid pilots of Medically Tailored Meals
  • Increasing coverage of nutrition-related services through private insurance programs
  • Expanding Medicaid coverage of nutrition education and other nutrition supports using Medicaid section 1115 demonstration projects

Nutrition Research

Advocacy targets include:

  • Funding for relevant nutrition-focused policy in federal agencies, such as NIH Office of Nutrition Research
  • Advancing efforts toward federal nutrition research (such as the new OSTP + PCAST plan, ICHNR) as outlined in the National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health
  • Supporting USDA research and funding focused on the intersections of production agriculture, human health, and sustainability/soil health

Nutrition Security

Advocacy targets include:

  • Making nutrition a core goal metric of SNAP program
  • Establishing SNAP pilots with a focus on advancing nutrition security
  • Collecting and making available for research SNAP purchase data

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